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Join me at

the exclusive

Mrs. Married makeover



Are you ready to take your marriage from good to great but not really sure where to start?

Well, let me tell you!

If you're ready to enhance your marriage by enhancing yourself, this one's for you! 

I promise you, I know exactly where you are. I know what it feels like to hit that 5 year mark in your marriage and you're growing a little uncomfortable with how comfortable things have become.

I know that you and your hubby are going through the motions and are living the same day, day in and day out. You're working out when you can, getting the kids off to school, going to work, stealing a peck and hug here and there. Soon, you're back home trying to figure out what's for dinner and soon will be getting the kids ready for bed, and by the time you hit that pillow, it's lights out with little to no connection between you and your hubby. You are missing out on date days and date nights, and you've been craving more fun, and, well, exciting sex?

Not to mention that the communication between you and your handsome hubby has become stale, a little predictable and you know that you can use a little sugar and spice on that pallet.

Say goodbye to the married woman and get ready to think, talk and turn your husband on like an irresistible wife.

Are you ready to shake things up?

If so, it's time for your marriage makeover?" 

Is this for you?

This in-person retreat is for you if:

  • You've been married for at least 5 years

  • You want to improve your marriage by improving yourself first

  • You're in a figure-it-out stage where you are committed to taking your marriage from good to great!

  • You're motivated to try new things to help strengthen the connection between you and your husband

  • You're coachable and are open to learning proven strategies that may challenge your current way of being a wife


  • You're ready to do something different so you can get something different in your marriage

  • You're looking to connect with beautiful, positive women who love their marriage and husband

  • You're ready to make a travel-time and energetic investment into improving yourself so you can improve your marriage

This in-person retreat is NOT for you if:

  • You're single, engaged or married less than 5 years

  • You're on the brink of divorce or not sure you want to stay married

  • You're waiting on your husband to make the first move

  • You're not committed to becoming a better you

  • You're not coachable or don't take direction well

  • You 're uncomfortable with opening up and sharing in a group setting

  • You're a Mrs. Negative Nancy and find it hard to see the positive in things

  • You're not open to a new way of doing marriage

  • You're expecting a miraculous change overnight

  • You don't value your marriage enough to travel and do something about it

This is your chance to be apart of the exclusive wife-changing experience and watch your marriage transform from married and meh to married and magical.

Are you ready to take your marriage from good to great but not really sure where to start?

What you will learn:

One of my absolute favorite things to do is to meet my wives in person to shift their energy and change the way they look, feel and do marriage. On the morning of our retreat, you will arrive at our luxury private location in Atlanta to begin your marriage makeover with a meet and greet + lite bites at 9AM followed by a welcome message and icebreaker.

You will be introduced to your instructional sessions from 10:30AM-12PM (The Making of an Irresistible™ Wife Signature Framework), followed by a catered lunch from 12-1PM. Our afternoon sessions will run from 1PM-3:30PM and we'll end our day with The Reveal Closing Ceremony by 4PM.

With interactive, open-group discussions, guided teachings inside your exclusive makeover guide, you'll leave motivated and empowered, and you'll have the strategies to return home as a new woman who grabs her husband's attention and keeps him mesmerized. As you move forward over the next 90 days, you'll see how your conversations and connection transform, making your marriage feel magical and new. 



I am beginning to truly shed the skin of a married woman in order to become the wife my husband deserves.

Mrs. Zak, Group Coaching Curriculum

Lakia Brandenburg_Branding 2022 (1).png
Lakia Brandenburg_Branding 2022 (1).png












"Thank you for helping me think outside the box/routine. Frisky is fun in marriage. We can do it any way we want to."



[After 20 years], I was really thinking the old stuff that we were doing  and old mentality was okay, and I needed some more tools in my bag ...  I had to be apart of this.



"I  have a peace that I had not had before working with LB, just being really secure in my position as a wife. I did not have that confidence before working with LB. It's a total game changer.

meet your host, lb


I have been happily married to my college boyfriend Derek for 12 years, and believe that marriage is what you make it. And depending on the “season” you’re in, you may have to make it over. It’s the 10-year-itch or transitional year, as I like to describe it, where couples have been together long enough to fall into the day-to-day rut of just being married. You find yourself content and comfortable and interactions with your husband are becoming more predictable, sex loses its sizzle, and the butterfly flutters that were once there are quickly fading into the land where marriage becomes boring and stale.

But that all changes when my contagious energy and vibrant personality, challenges you to re-ignite the intimacy, and position yourself for more passion and pleasure by changing the way you show up. I help you to discover that an improved, enhanced marriage is simply a by-product of you becoming a better you. And as you make these changes from the inside out, it powerfully carries over into how you show up in every area of your life.

I host quarterly Mrs. Married Makeover Retreats where my ambitious attendees receive a total makeover from transforming their marriage mindset to creating new shades of foreplay. Using my 3-Stage Making of an Irresistible Wife™ Signature Framework, I inspire my attendees to be married and magical by teaching you how to manage, magnify, and mesmerize being irresistible and fully enjoying your marriage ... and the one you are married to.

  • What are the dates of the coaching program?
  • I'm single, engaged, or have been married under 5 years, can I sign up?
    Yes, but keep in my mind that my content, framework and language speaks to the wife and her husband. There will be assignments that involves your husband (partner). If you have ANY questions, email me directly at
  • What is your refund policy?
    No refunds will be issued. This exclusive coaching program was designed with you in mind, and I have created this experience with every intention for you to get the results you desire.
  • What time are the sessions?
    Sessions will be held on Mondays at 8PM EST. They are scheduled for one hour but may go over, depending on the engagement and Q+As.
  • Where will the sessions be held?
    Zoom. You will be provided the same link each week.
  • Will there be a replay for each session?
    Yes! The replay will be sent to the cohort 24 hours after class has wrapped. It will be available for 3 days.
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