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The Making of an Irresistible Wife begins here!

Hey, it's LB! Your Mrs. Married Makeover Specialist. I'm in the middle of a makeover, but while my site gets spruced up, how can I help you?  

I'm putting together an intimate group of ambitious women who have been married for at least 5 years OR who are ready to do the work to become the type of wife they desire to be.

We'll move fast and get it done in 8-weeks.

By the end, you’re going to achieve the closeness, trust, vulnerability, openness, laughter, and deep connection that you desire with your husband … and it all starts will improving how you talk to him.

You will also have a custom plan to rekindle the bond you had as boyfriend and girlfriend and remember why you chose your man to do life with in the first place. It will also give you a deeper meaning in your marriage and undeniable faith to make it last forever.

My past clients have told me that they feel "more secure" and have a peace that wasn't there before. They even shared how the intimacy has brought them closer and more connected.

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You know why?

Because they learned how to stop being "married" and step into their influential role as a wife. They were made over into who they envisioned themselves being when they got married in the first place.

See, being "made over" allows you to really know why you show up the way you do, not just as a wife but in life, and how to invite safety, understanding, kindness into your marriage, giving you a brand new and positive outlook.

And what's beautiful about this process of being made over is that it's not going to require you to have conversations that make him cringe and make you frustrated.


And it's not even about doing this for him, but you're doing this for YOU and your marriage and how you can stop playing the married woman role and step into the undeniable power of a wife who attracts genuine happiness, real love, and great times into her life.

Would you like to join us?

I'm ready to learn how you describe your current "marriage moment" and if you will be a good fit for this cohort.

And if you are, I'll give you all the details about this opportunity.

I've said this before and I have to say this again: You deserve to enjoy your marriage and the one you're doing marriage with not later but right now. You ready?

By the end, you're going to achieve the closeness, trust, vulnerability, openness, laugher, and deep connection that you desire with your husband.

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