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Say it with Seduction

live virtual event

Communication in your marriage a little meh?

Well, let me show you how to make it mind-blowing where you'll have your man hanging on to your words, and opening up to talk to you even more.

(sex not required but it may take you there)

"Learn the secrets of seduction and transform your communication in your marriage into captivating conversations."

Hey, it's LB!
The Wife Coach®

And I affectionately call myself the Mrs. Married Makeover Specialist because I transform married women into irresistible wives. 

I have been happily married to my college boyfriend Derek for 13 years, and believe that marriage is what you make it. And depending on the “season” you’re in, you may have to make it over. It’s the 10-year-itch or transitional year, as I like to describe it, where couples have been together long enough to fall into the day-to-day rut of just being married. You find yourself content and comfortable and interactions with your husband are becoming more predictable, sex loses its sizzle, and the butterfly flutters that were once there are quickly fading into the land where marriage becomes boring and stale.

But that all changes when my contagious energy and vibrant personality, challenges you to re-ignite the intimacy, and position yourself for more passion and pleasure by changing the way you show up. I help you to discover that an improved, enhanced marriage is simply a by-product of you becoming a better you. And as you make these changes from the inside out, it powerfully carries over into how you show up in every area of your life.

My ambitious clients receive a total makeover from transforming their marriage mindset to creating new shades of foreplay. Using my 3-Stage Making of an Irresistible Wife™ Signature Framework, I inspire my attendees to be married and magical by teaching you how to manage, magnify, and mesmerize being irresistible and fully enjoying their marriage ... and the one you are married to.

So, join me on this 5-hour LIVE virtual challenge that's gonna "make over" how communication looks in your marriage and have you and your husband happy to have conversations that captivate and connect you on a deeper level.


the secret to having captivating conversations that will bring you and your husband
closer than ever.


The way you talk to your man will either push him away or draw him in like a magnet.

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