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"Jumping into marriage unprepared is as wise as jumping into a pool and not knowing how to swim." It's no secret. Derek and I would've been divorced before our imperfect fairytale story even began. Here's what I mean. After almost 10 years of marriage, I know that the success of where we are today as husband and wife is because of the time we invested in premarital education and training.


Derek and I were on the verge of breaking up when we stopped the wedding planning and started to plan our marriage (I'll tell you the story at our VIP Day). Now, I'm not saying you have to do what we did. But I am saying that the same energy you're using to prepare for your happily ever after should be directed toward you preparing for your role and the man/woman you will be committed to for the rest of your life.


Studies have shown that couples who take some form of premarital coaching or counseling significantly increases their marital success rate, and this is where I come in. I'm SO excited to finally offer a one-day premarital coaching session for couples who want to know what to do before they say, "I do." Introducing my signature VIP Day for engaged couples OR couples who are seriously courting. In this intimate setting at a private location in Atlanta,  couples will fast track the normal 6-8 week prepare-enrich infused sessions in a one-day intensive with a focus on the core areas of any marriage (listed below).


At the end of this VIP Day, the goal is for each couple to be confident in their new roles as husband and wife as they use the education, training, and experience to create the marriage they really want.




  • Small group coaching at a private location in Atlanta

  • Analyze your current needs in your relationship based on your Prepare-Enrich assessment (taken online before the VIP Day)

  • Hands-on, interactive activities, challenges, and open discussions to teach the key areas of focus: marriage-mindset + expectations (roles), effective communication + conflict resolution skills, sex therapy, money management, and dating your spouse

  • Couples will receive a "do your work" workbook for the VIP Day and a copy of LB's book "He's not perfect. I'm not perfect. But together we're ... Picture Perfect"

  • Private chef-prepared/catered lunch provided

"Two of the biggest challenges in our relationship was our bumpy history and our communication styles ... But after coaching with LB, we learned how to tackle our problem areas with care and without all the “raw” reactions." 


Amber + Ty, engaged to be married September 2019