Want to write a book but you ...

Have the "middle" blues (stuck in the middle)?

Keep starting and stopping?

Find yourself editing while writing?

Are you writing a book during nanowrimo and need feedback?

Need Accountability?


Then, this online writing bootcamp

I remember being right where you are eight years ago. I wanted to write a book but didn't know where to start. But thankfully after successfully writing and self-publishing my two-bestsellers AND starting my own publishing company (est. 2011) where I've published dozens of first-time authors and consulted countless authors on how to publish and profit, I'm excited to be able to share this same knowledge and expertise with you. 

I wanted to create a course for writers whose story is screaming to be told, but they need that extra push from a writing coach to manifest their publishing dreams. So I've teamed up with one of the editor's on my editing team, 
Mya Douglas, who is a celebrity ghostwriter penning books for reality TV stars to her own catalog of bestsellers to create an online writing experience for anyone who's ready to stop procrastinating and are ready to get their book done!

Here's a breakdown of the coaching you will receive. 

For six weeks, we're going to show you how to increase your word count and learn to trust yourself as you're writing your book. Every week, Mya will read a chapter in your manuscript and provide specific comments, next steps, and constructive feedback throughout your manuscript using a tracking feature in Word/GoogleDocs. The benefit is that you'll receive expert advice on where you are with your storyline/message and how to take it to the next level. 





And as your book is developing, you will have the opportunity to add new content and remove, rewrite or rearrange the content that you currently have under Mya's direction. As you write, she will provide feedback on how to improve your story and create a powerful message for your target readers. She'll also provide some light editing throughout your manuscript as a complimentary service. The goal of this workshop and book coaching service is to constantly see growth and improvement in your overall message and increase your word count while building your confidence as a writer.

You're getting expert feedback on your content, a total of six chapter reviews with priceless feedback/coaching over six weeks for only $597.00

($97 deposit with two payments of $250) 



The start date is Monday, December  2nd ending Monday, January 6th. Due to the amount of reading and attention to detail that Mya has to do, we can only offer this "boot-camp" online writing experience to  SIX authors. Pay in full by Black Friday and receive 10% off. 




Here's your six-week schedule:


Week 1: 4 Ways to Get Your Book Done Webinar for all registered authors. Pre-recorded and will be emailed on Monday, December 2nd along with your first week's assignment (Author)

Week 2: Read and provide feedback on chapter from table of contents (Mya)

Week 3: Read and provide feedback on
chapter from table of contents (Mya)

Week 4: Read and provide feedback on
chapter from table of contents (Mya)

Week 5: Read and provide feedback on
chapter from table of contents (Mya)

Week 6: Read and provide feedback on chapter from table of contents (Mya)

You see the accountability here? 
Take advantage before ALL spots are filled. Register now!

Got questions? 
Email coach@lakiabrandenburg.com for a quick response!

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