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Get rid of your married woman ways and tap into the power of a happy, influential wife.

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I got a good thang going with my hubby of over a decade. You know why? I didn't wait for him to "be the change" in our marriage and stopped believing my own "I-can-change-my-man" attitude. Instead, I made a decision to change the way the I do this thang called marriage by changing how I show up in it. 


Did you catch that?

See, all married women aren't wives and I had no idea that I can choose to be either one and that was the big difference between being a happy wife or a miserable one. Read that again.  

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Women want to know the secret to how I g

"I did my work then, and years later I’m still doing my work, because being a wife is an assignment." 

Ready to be a happy wife?

Let's change how you're doing marriage so you can love your marriage and the one you're doing marriage with.

It's storytime.


I'll never forget the day my husband told me I was hard to talk to. Ouch! Honestly, I didn't know how to talk to him without being Mrs. Sarcastic and Mrs. Always Right, two traits of a married woman, not a wife.

I mean, I wasn't blatantly disrespectful, but I would give him the Mama State, shutdown or cut a conversation short with the silent treatment. I even used sarcasm to let him know how I felt, not knowing the damage Mrs. Married Woman would cause in my marriage. It was hard lesson that I needed to learn because this was going to be difference between being a happy wife or a miserable one.

Many people don't know that over 60% of marriages end in divorce due to communication problems or as I like to say it, not knowing how to talk to each other. So, I had to divorce Mrs. Sarcastic and change how I expressed myself. I had to learn how to think before I speak and filter my words, because life and death are in the power of the tongue, right?


If we didn't push pause on the wedding planning and sign up for premarital training and education, I was going to be Mrs. Married for real, never fully understanding the power I had within to be a good wife who knew how to treat her husband.

Now, I teach motivated, marriage-minded women how to show up in their marriages as powerful, fun and irresistible wives that mesmerize their husband and make marriage


When you know you're married to the right man, but find your marriage going all wrong, then it's time to get rid of the Mrs. that are keeping you stuck in unhappiness, and become the happy wife that you want to be.

Let's Work Together
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Teach Me How to be a Wife Self-Study Course

You want to know the secret to how I got my hubby to open up to talk to me, show PDA, and love me so deeply? There's something about you when you show up as a wife that can make this happen too.

So, I created self-study course that's changing married women into happy, confident and influential wives. 

You ready for this wife-changing experience?


Women want to know the secret to how I g

I wish this course was a 52-week class, even a lifetime membership! Her wealth of marital knowledge is priceless and insurmountable.

Rita, Teach Me How to be a Wife 

I have to wonder if my husband is sneaking and reading my notes because he too has changed. This has been a GREAT class for us. Thank you so much!

Agnes,  Teach Me How to be a Wife 

This isn’t my first marriage, yet this is the first time that I am actually learning what being a wife is! Truth hurts sometimes, but the reward is so much better! When I tell you it has been an awakening in my life and my marriage. I am beyond pleased with this class! Is it Monday yet? Thanks, LB! You are phenomenal!


Yolanda, Teach Me How to be a Wife 

I'm beyond happy with my decision. My marriage has taken a turn for the good and it's because of me rededicating myself to my marriage and doing the hard work of self-reflection and change.

Anonymous,  Teach Me How to be a Wife



LB's coaching feels like therapy. It's rare that you find a coach that cares so deeply about you and your growth. Every program that I've ever been a part of and every challenge that I've accepted has truly pushed me to become a better version of myself. 

Zak, Teach Me How to be a Wife 

Ready to work with me?

Address: 1700 Northside Drive Suite A7 #2337
Atlanta, Georgia 30318

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