Are you married and miserable

Then let's change that right now because ain't nobody got time for that! You're missing out on having a fun, exciting and fulfilling marriage because you're a married woman, not a wife.


I'm changing the way you experience your marriage by teaching you how to be a happy, understanding and patient spouse by simply changing the way you show up! It's that simple. You want to be irresistible to your husband and have a marriage you're proud of? Then it's time to get rid of the fairy tale, own your "ish" (issues), and become the type of happy wife you want to be.

"After being on the brink of giving up, LB helped us stay on track and we are now married and parents to a little boy, Quincy."

Meet Amber + Ty.


Two of the biggest challenges in our relationship was our bumpy history and our communication styles. I tend to be the one that shuts down and is quick to leave, while

he was a lot more direct, and sometimes was reluctant to let things go. But after coaching with LB, we learned how to tackle our problem areas with care and without all the “raw” reactions. She not only was very honest with her answers, but we both felt like she genuinely listened to what we were saying. 


I was so impacted by her style and skill-set that I started meeting with her individually for “Wife-in-Training” sessions as well. She is so down to earth and relatable and I honestly think that God brought her into our lives. After being on the brink of giving up, LB helped us stay on track and we are now married and parents to a little boy, Quincy and expecting a little princess, Zoe in 2021.